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Comfort is an integral part of living. People work to be able to enjoy the convenience and comfort that they and their families deserve. At Chateaux de Paris, you get to enjoy the comfort and convenience, along with other perks as a resident. Cathay Lands generously provided a long list of amenities exclusively available for the residents to enjoy without dropping a penny. Life here is totally different from outside. Children and families will be able to enjoy the cleanliness of the environment, they will be able to completely bond on weekends, savor the kindness of nature’s care without starting their cars to travel. Not all of the first class condos and residential townhouses in the market offer similar goodness. Living at Chateaux de Paris is truly a priceless experience.

Here is a list of available amenities exclusively available for the residents and their families.

  • Fully Landscaped, Gated Entrance and Exit areas: To fully maintain the entrance and exit gates, these are situated next to each other such that it would appear to have One ENTRANCE/EXIT are but on two separate gates. Its fully landscaped entrances sets the mood for an entirely different natural & laidback inside environment. A truly amazing place to explore.
  • Pocket Parks: Here at Chateaux de Paris, you will enjoy the sights and sounds of a true French suburb when you explore the pocket parks. You will not just be treated with superb ambiance and serenity, you will truly enjoy the amazing sights of a fully-maintained colorful garden. This is a perfect place for children to enjoy on weekends and during the school breaks. Children will be able to appreciate the beauty of nature here and they will enjoy the endless treat of our in-house nice parks.
  • Clubhouse: This exclusive multi-level building is intended for private family affairs and for community-sponsored activities. Birthdays, anniversaries and wedding are occasions mostly celebrated by Filipinos. With our clubhouse, you’ll enjoy celebrating these private family affairs within the elegant confines of a French-inspired building.
  • Multi-Purpose Hall: These are exclusive communal places for the residents to use. Inspired from a full-Parisian design, the elegance of our multi-purpose halls can host your meetings and other gatherings.
  • Swimming Pool: The open pool area near the clubhouse is a perfect place for residents and their families to enjoy. The pool is also a very nice venue for neighbors and residents to socialize, know each other and eventually make friends. A perfect setting for a night or weekend relaxation, a nice place to unload stresses at work. All for residents to enjoy.
  • Basketball/Open Court: Basketball is a national sports that is celebrated in all walks of Filipino lives. We created this open court for the purpose of serving this well-loved men’s sport. Time and place to make friends while sweating those fats out. Also a lovely way to socialize and make friends with neighbors.
  • Fully Landscape Features throughout the entire community: A French community is known for its picture-perfect backdrop, all things properly arranged to provide a grossly neat environment. Chateaux de Paris residents will truly enjoy this greatness. 
  • Main Entrance Gate
  • Landscape Feature
  • Pocket Parks
  • Clubhouse/Multi-Purpose Hall
  • Swimming Pool
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